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These are the things that you cannot do with your PCI account. These rules are for everyone's protection -- ours, yours, and in some cases, other users on the Internet. The following things are not up for discussion. If you ignore our warning(s) or continue to do what we ask you not to, your account will be immediately terminated and you will not receive a refund. If you cannot comply with any or all of these rules, please send email to admin@pciwest.net and tell us. Your account will be closed and you will get a refund for the unused portion of your time.
Here are the things you MAY NOT DO with a PCI account:
         Your Dial-up Account

  1. Allow your account to use more than one connection at a time. For example, you may not give your password to a friend so they can use your account at the same time as you.
  2. Have your account in use by more than one person at a time.
  3. You may not use "keep alive" functions or "utilities" that are designed to keep your system logged on.

    Personal Web Pages
  4. Personal Web Pages are only for personal use. No advertising of businesses, services, or other for profit ventures will be allowed. For more information on Commercial pages contact PCI or jump over to our E-host Site

    Unauthorized Access/Sending Malicious Programs
  5. Attempt to gain unauthorized access to or tamper with any part of our network, or to gain unauthorized access into other users' account, either on our network or on other networks. This includes trying to gain privileged or unauthorized access on any machine (local or remote), or sending malicious programs or files to any user (local or remote).
  6. Harass users, either via email or talk/write, or by any other means via the Internet. For example, do not send or cause to be sent any email to a user that the user finds disturbing/offensive,etc. If they explicitly ask you to stop, you must. Things like death threats, etc. via email or talk/write are just as serious as death threats via the telephone or regular mail, and may be prosecuted likewise.
  7. Flood (spam) Usenet or send or cause to be sent or aid in sending unsolicited bulk email, or begin/perpetuate chain letters, get rich quick schemes, etc. 
  8. Use the system to distribute and/or store illegal copies of software or other digital content or media.
  9. Mailto or CC lists larger than 10 users are not allowed. Special arrangements may be made with PCI Management Team for special needs.

    Unlimited Access : Shared Dial-up
  10. Note: Dial-up Access accounts are intended for users who periodically access the Internet for information, browsing and file transferring. Customers who wish to connect servers or remain connected to the Internet for extended periods of time or provide commercial services can subscribe to any one of a wide variety of PCI dedicated access connection services.  For more information jump over to our  E-host Site or contact us at support@pciwest.net or call us at 541-759-3414.

    System Resources 
  11. Consume excessive system resources. DSL, Dial-Up and Shared Access Digital Connections are NON-Exclusive connections.  You may not run any applications that jepordize the health of the network or degrade the network usability for other users.  This is to include any network servers or clients that by their nature congest the network and reduce the usability for others.
  12. Re-package or Re-sell any of PCI resources including but not limited to Web Page Space, Bandwidth, Bulk Email accounts, or any other resource that requires the use of PCI equipment without the written permission of PCI or a standard Commercial Account Contract.

    Unauthorized Use of Any System
  13. Use of any PCI network device constitutes consent to monitoring at all times. If monitoring of this or any other device in the PCI computer network reveals any evidence reguarding violation of security regulations or any instance of unauthorized use of any system, this evidence and any other related information, including identification information about the user, can and will be provided to law enforcement officials.
  14. Anyone who violates, or attempts to violate security regulations or makes or attempts to make unauthorized use of any PCI computer network device are subject to appropriate legal action.
  15. We reserve the right to amend these rules without prior notice. A copy of this document is available by sending email to admin@pciwest.net with the word "rules" in the Subject field.  When we do make changes, there will be an announcement posted on PCI homepage.

Refund Policy

Preferred Communications, Inc. will refund a users prepaid account on a prorated basis of the unused amount and adjusted for any discounts that may have been used. Failure of the User to keep the Service for the subscription period specified will  result in re-pricing of the account for the period actually used.  Refunds will be made in the same manner as used to open the account.  All refunds will be processed within 30 days of notification.

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