PCI Wireless Equipment

Linksys befw11s4 (Wireless-B/Ethernet Broadband Router)

  • Router function shares your high-speed Internet connection with wired and wireless computers
  • Built-in 4-port Ethernet Switch and Wireless Access Point creates your home network to share printers and files
  • Wireless connections are secured with 128-bit encryption with data rates up to 11Mbps


Linksys befsr11 (Ethernet Broadband Router)

  • Connects to a Broadband Modem Or to An Ethernet Backbone
  • Supports Dynamic and Static IP Addresses
  • Creates a Firewall to Protect Your PCs From Outside Intruders


Linksys wet11 (Wireless Ethernet Bridge)

  • Converts wired-Ethernet devices to wireless network connectivity
  • Works without drivers on Macintosh®, Windows®, Linux® anything with an Ethernet port!


Linksys USB100M (Ethernet USB Adaptor)

  • One A-type USB Port
  • One RJ-45 10/100BaseTX Port For Connecting to a Network
  • 18K Memory Buffer
  • Powered by the Host PC So No External Power Supply Is Needed